What do we offer?

Welcome to 

Cetra Inc.

  • EU/NA Friendly

  • Weekly Events

  • FFVII-Inspired

  • Content Nights

  • Custom Roll System for Combat

What kind of things can I expect?

Our stories are written with you in mind. We specifically write open-ended stories so that your character can and will have an influence on how our diverse plot lines develop.


Anything as a subtle a rousing speech to a daring action, you can be rest assured that the direction you take will have an impact on our non-linear events. The story is made for you, and is driven by you.


Although Cetra Inc. is a Mature themed role-playing Free Company, we welcome all types of characters. From lawful good to chaotic evil, some may remain blissfully unaware of the Companies 'shady deals and research', and others might challenge the questionable decisions that Cetra Inc. sometimes makes.


We wish for you to play your character as you see fit, under any circumstances. We are always willing to collaborate and work with other Free Companies, should they reach out to us! Please contact one of the Admins and we can get to work on weaving a story!


We offer weekly events run by our very experienced leadership team.


Events will vary from combat, development, socializing, parties, balls, funded beach events and much much more.


In addition we offer the players the ability to run their own events (with Company leadership oversight) so they too can put players through their home-made challenges. The ability to host, create, and collaborate with others in creating your stories is the most vital part to role-play. This is something we as a leadership team will never hinder.


Between the various role-play events held, we will also be having 'content nights'. Whether that will be going through past-raids, new dungeons or plundering the many rooms of Thavnair, there will always be plenty to do both ICly and OOCly.

  • discord-283279