Tadaaki Hitasashi

Born under the moon of the Steppe, Tadaaki was a young Xaela who had lost their memory due to a ship crash to la noscea and ended up in Thanalan. In his younger years he lived with a fellow Au ra from the Raen clans who was also in the shipwreck, they became an official family after she gave him his name. During his early childhood he worked hard to be able to eat, eventually learning how to use a lance from a teacher. He was outcast by many due to the whites of his eyes being pure black due to a genetic mutation in his eyes which also hampered his sight slightly.

It wasn't until his early teens was he able to get harder work and have the experience of Combat. It was during these years he lost his sister because of a few corrupt Brass Blades, filled with nothing but revenge he would work hard to become a flames soldier.

When he was a young adult he was noted as the youngest squadron leader, known as the Demon General due to his black horns and demonic look, as well as his wanting to become the next general. After a few years he eventually spotted the brass blades who took his sister away from him, he planned on trying to expose them and worked on a plan to do so. Until one day when he was out on a walk in Ul'dah he could hear a scream from an alley and saw the same man doing the same thing, in his fit of rage he killed him in cold blood. Though the murder could never be pinned on him, but rumors spread about him being the one. It wasn't until the seventh calamity where he led his squadron on the battlefield, only to order a retreat. It was on that day he was reported MIA.

After the calamity he would appear again to join the company cetra to become stronger, and it would be able to not only do such. But change his life, he was no longer the man he once was, And time will tell how far he can go. But for now he is where he belongs, at the frontlines.

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