The SOLDIER Division is a specialised, elite fighting force of Cetra Inc.; the upper echelon of military strength, tactical excellence and prestige. As shock-troops operating directly under the Director, Jagun Kharlu, SOLDIER is the final line of defense the company has to safeguard its interests, property and population.


Expected to be at a constant state of peak performance and ready to respond to, and destroy, any threats that emerge against the Cetra within a moment’s notice, SOLDIER's overwhelming offensive capability is backed by the enhanced physical stamina and endurance unique to the division, and careful planning and execution. Truly, SOLDIER is the elite of the elite, bound by signed vow and strict dedication to the Company- against all odds and enemies both foreign and domestic.


SOLDIER are specialized in close combat, monster hunting and combatting augmented individuals. Given enhanced strength, speed and agility courtesy of R&D, SOLDIER are an exclusive and powerful unit, organized into distinct Classes representative of their strength and skill- the greatest of which is SOLDIER First Class omitting CPSD entirely.


Remember, simply following protocol adequately is not enough for a successful SOLDIER operative. Never stop striving or looking for avenues of personal growth or ways to improve the SOLDIER Division in general. SOLDIER demands excellence, obedience and nothing less. 

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