The Renovation

After several months of expansion, Cetra Incorporated had grown in both it's influence and presence throughout Aldenard. Relief work in Ala Mhigo ingratiated the company to the medical community, allowing the expansion of Cetra's medical program. New talent flocked to the Paramilitary division, and the Research group took on a multitude of new projects and assignments due to Cetra's partnership with the Immortal Flames. The company grew larger then it had ever been.

Finally, this meant that it was time for an expansion as well! With the formation of Cetra's "Board of Directors", the company headquarters underwent a massive remodel. The exterior grounds expanded so that the Cetra Tower could have it's first three floors opened up to provide a larger lobby, staging area, conference rooms, and and expansion to the ever popular Cetra Lounge.

After roughly a week, Cetra's Directors have now officially launched the new and improved floor plan for the building. After hiring one of the Immortal Flame's premier architects and engineers, the new layout maximizes the use of space while keeping that professional feel. Soon, Cetra will continue it's expansion and personnel as it not only looks for more opportunity for growth, but sets it's sights eastward as well. Rumors of a new Ceruleum field on a small island have given Cetra a reason to turn their attention to Othard.

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