A miqo’te abandoned at birth and feared too ill to survive was found upon by a young hyur couple that quickly took her in as a blessing.

After so long they finally had a daughter amongst their many sons. Mal never once forgot this fact and is fiercely loyal to her family regardless of their differences. Surrounded by mainly boys as she grew, Mal ran after her brothers the whole way. Scuffed knees, teeth knocked out early – it was all part of the adventure!
Now a grown adult when she isn’t working as a bar maid she’s in other taverns stirring up a riot and known for the “harmless” drunken brawl. Headstrong and determined, she never holds back and dives head first into the fray.

A rowdy, boisterous woman yet her compassionate side is often what fuels her into conflict as she’s always ready to stand up for her beloved companions. Sporting a scar that lays across her right eye occurred when protecting a weaker comrade against a man twice her size, something she would merrily do again if it meant loved ones were safe and well. So, despite it all she does indeed have a softer side to her brash, blunt ways.

Quite frequently it’s animals that bring out an awkward soppy display she’d rather no one witness but alas it is often revealed if a critter passes by! Adventures are all she can dream of, an aspiring author and daredevil enthusiast she is always ready to be on the move and to make connections on the way. She aspires to be an adventuring author, who is currently a "responsible and mature" Commander of Cetra Inc. - just do not interact outside of office hours.

  • discord-283279