Originally adopted into the Steppe with his Auri mother Cereph and father Kaleng. The young boy wanted to walk in the footsteps of his father, a hunter and warrior of the Kharlu tribe. Kaleng taught Jagun every essence of what it was like to become such. At the age of eleven, the boy were brimming with confidence. Jagun left the confines of the Kahkol’s borders toward Yanxia to try his new-found skills against a real ‘monster’. He beat the creature after a hard go at it, claiming the head in victory to present to his dad. He returned back to the Tribe, creatures severed head in hand to be met with a sight he could not forget.

Cereph and Kaleng had been caught on the Steppe’s border, ambushed by a Garlean patrol before their child’s very eyes. A few days after their end, he heard whispers through the winds. A source of power known as Thaumaturgy, a known power that could put Garlean’s down permanently. Needless to say, Jagun pursued this. At the age of twelve, he climbed aboard his first ship and sailed across the Ruby Sea. During the Journey, the ship came under attack. J'agun’s skills as a warrior had saved the Sea Captain’s life. And as repayment the boy requested he be taken to a place of study. Where he could learn Thaumaturgy. The Sea Captain knew of such a place, setting sail for Eorzea.

From the age of sixteen to twenty two, he trained in the ways of Thaumaturgy.

Having now spent many moons fighting under various banners, this often exhausted/uninterested Miqo'te leads Cetra Inc.

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