Brought up under the hot sun of Thanalan, Harkat lived a life of relative luxury under the wing of his wealthy step-father who wed his dance extraordinaire mother during his first years. He was often scorned by his mother who hated the fact his birth was almost the cause of her death and the penultimate reason that lost her place in one of Eorzea's most fabled dancing troupe's. This sense of unwant and unbelonging led him to fight in the blood-sands of Ul'dah, though his anger and hatred only served as tools to gain him fame and fortune during his one year stint.


Later on, he would quit the sands and go in search of something more meaningful, he had often dreamed of seeing the world and travelling with friends he had met during his life. Adventuring for five years prior to the Calamity, he would fulfill this desire and learn much about the world he resided in, although the red moon Dalamud would change most of that.


A sense of duty overcame him when the Calamity wrought Eorzea to its knees, astonished that the Grand Companies were able to keep their mettle against the might of the Garlean Empire he would offer his lance to the Immortal Flames, serving for three years after the Calamity had occurred. In this time he expanded on his martial prowess and learned how to command fireteams and more, attaining the rank of Chief Flame Sergeant.


Eventually, his lust for adventure soon overcame him once more, and he took for the long winding road once more. Two years would past until he found himself back in Ul'dah and with no purpose at hand until an old contact and friend from the Flames encouraged him to help fill a hole in her new Company, Cetra Inc. Nowadays he serves as 2nd Lieutenant for Cetra Inc. Paramilitary Department training and leading the Free Companies private forces.

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