Born under the canopy of The Shroud, Dilana’s origins start in a small tribe of Coeurl Claws that had split from the main, however as she grew up, she had no want to be a huntress, and instead followed her instincts towards the healing arts, ultimately causing her to be disowned by her tribe, but not her mother.


Having first gone to the Conjury guild at the age of fifteen, the then girl stayed for a few moons before turning her eyes to Coerthas. Risking the cold and snow, and being far from home, this teenage Miqo’te found her way to the gates of Ishgard, but was turned away as they were doing to so many during the Dragonsong war. Not to be discouraged, Dilana then went to Whitebrim, and through her tenacious nature and not backing down, she stayed, worked, and learned from them for two years.


Now seventeen, she returned once more to the gates with letters from Whitebrim to allow her entry, Dilana got into the Universite de Lyon and studied there for four turns, often struggling due to the Xenophobic nature of the City citizens, however one of her professors was a rock that Dilana needed, and the Miqo’te graduated in the top 20 of her class. Now certified in her field, Dilana went to the Hospital de Hautepierre, which was run by her professor, to work within those walls for eleven turns before coming to Cetra Inc.


Dilana’s kind and open nature is but one side of her however. On the field, she has shown to be fierce and not backing down easily, showing that she’ll go to great lengths to protect those around her, even if it means risking herself in the process. To a few, she carries the nickname Coeurl, for when her anger spikes and her aether sparks, it is then that you’ll see the Coeurl within.

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