Cetra Public Safety Department


Cetra Public Safety Department


Referred to as: Cetra Peacekeeping Troops, Paramilitary, Cetra Army or Cetra Security Force (CSF).


They are the official armed forces of Cetra Inc.

It is the duty of members of the Paramilitary to protect Cetra and it's assets from terror threats, war and other entities that would seek to damage the company and it's holdings. The Cetra Public Safety Department falls under the Department of Public Safety Maintenance & Peace Preservation, which is overseen by the board of Directors.


It works in conjunction with all other departments within Cetra as an all-purpose military powerhouse, picking up the slack and charging into battle with courage and determination.

Often the Cetra Public Safety Department is sub-contracted to Grand Companies in their time of need.  Varying from providing units during war-time, reinforcing outposts and locating missing troops.


There isn't a limit to what the GC's can contract Cetra to accomplish, and as a result of that limit, there isn't a deed too dark to request. In the history of the Company, it is a well guarded secret that the CPSD has been contracted to take down numerous people in positions of power along with covering the evidence. 

Whilst the general public eye views Cetra Inc as 'good', there are many secrets buried that the CPSD knows all too well of.

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