Cetra Medical


Cetra Medical 

Referred to as: CMD

Affordable expert healthcare for all!

With Cetra's sworn devotions to Eorzea's people, Cetra Medical publically opened it's doors the day of the establishment of the Company to provide the best quality service for the right price. 

With experts in the medical field, you can be sure to receive the highest priority treatment as though you were one of Cetra's own Paramilitary! 

With a wide array of reach in technological advancements (thanks to Cetra R&D) and partnerships with various apothecarys, there isn't a wound too grevious or a illness unheard of that we cannot treat.

Medical Aid Prices:

Minor Treatment (Scrapes, Scratches, Light Burns) - 500 Gil P/H

Moderate Treatment (Moderate Burns, Cuts, Severe Grazes) - 1,000 Gil P/H

Major Treatment (Bullet, Penetrating, Large Open Wounds) - 5,000 Gil P/H

(Please Note: Prices are IC only, we do not charge for RP!)

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