About Cetra Inc.

Cetra Public Safety Department (also known as Cetra Inc.) is an aetheric crystal and ceruleum provisioning company whose wide success has birthed its own Military, born to protect Cetra’s assets (e.g mining facilities, transmutation sites) and secrets.


In addition, Cetra's also known as an independent body and are often subcontracted by the Grand Companies and the Eorzean Alliance. With advancements in research and technology within its independent divisions, and improvements in medical care, they are known as a self-sufficient organization. As their influence spread, Cetra commissioned an internal branch – known as the Turks – to ensure it's proprietary technology and information remained in house. Cetra’s logo can be spotted on equipment is has built throughout Eorzea, and the company is welcomed by those that know of them. While the inner workings of the company can sometimes be seen as "morally questionable", the public still views them in a good and helpful light.


Cetra Inc. is a one stop shop for medical care, military assistance, development of technology and of course the infamous Cetra Lounge; a great place to relax and enjoy a pleasant drink. You can be sure to find a home with Cetra Inc.

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